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Welcome to the home of Positif Politics, Communications and Consulting on the web. We are Wales' largest public affairs company and a leading provider of communications advice, knowledge, intelligence and support to the business, voluntary and public sectors.

'Positif' is the Welsh word for 'positive' and reflects our outlook and the way we do business. We are an open, transparent, responsible and ethical company and our core mission is to make a positive difference for our clients and the people of Wales.

Browse around our site to find out more about the range of public affairs, communications and consultancy services we offer which include political consulting, monitoring and research; public and stakeholder relations; event management; public affairs and communications training; and strategic consultancy support.

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Latest News

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Positif's Alun Gruffudd explores some of the implications for Wales in a post #IndyRef world.

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All of the latest goings on in the Winter Wonderland that is Positif.

Open to the Question

Positif digs into issues of transparency facing the Welsh Government and National Assembly for Wales.

Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Children…

Positif examines some of the narrative that has evolved around PISA results since 2009.