Community Relations

Playing an active role in your local area and talking to people who share common ground can help strengthen community relations. It’s what good communication is all about and can have long-term benefits for all involved.

But sometimes it’s not that easy to see eye to eye on issues and this can have a knock on effect on your organisation. We can develop a programme of activities to build relationships based on understanding and cooperation that strengthen community relations, where everyone strives towards a common goal.

At Positif we can also help you dig deep into your community through local stakeholder mapping exercises and develop contacts with local community groups, local charities and hard to reach groups. We can also advise on local planning and development applications and local consultations. 

And because we have localised expertise across Wales we are best placed to advise you on issues with local government. We can target communication with your local and community councillors, getting right to the heart of your local authority area.