POSITIF launches new brand and continues to grow by putting clients first

Launch photo

In launching the new Positif brand in Cardiff Bay Daran Hill, the Managing Director, said “We are proud of our record and our new brand. We have always acted with the public purpose in mind and we have attempted to bring in other points of view to the discussion in the Bay and in Westminster. Our brand values are there for all to see. In just the past year we have helped move Wales forward in getting its own identity on the internet, we have helped secure electrification of the railway into the valleys and on to Swansea, and we are now working on building a multibillion pound barrage to harness Wales’ natural resources for the century to come. We do that in partnership - in partnership with each other, in partnership with politicians and in partnership with clients. It’s why we are the best at what we do.”

He added “Positif isn’t a money making machine, it’s a change making place. Positif has never been a passive company. We are interested in improving our country and working to improve the politics of it too. Because we believe in politics and the good it can do.”

Since its launch in 2006, Positif has worked with 250 private, voluntary and public sector organisations.

Chair Llyr Roberts said “We are constantly getting feedback from clients. We recently surveyed all of our monitoring clients and found that 95% were either satisfied or very satisfied with the services. Positif has long been Wales’ leading provider of political intelligence to the private, voluntary and public sectors. It has built a strong reputation for quality and reliability and added value and we want to continue this service.”

He added “We are now adding more to our services in terms of communications and consultancy in order to meet all the marketing communications needs of organisations.  We want to ensure our clients communicate powerful and consistent messages to a broad range of audiences and stakeholders in an integrated way across all media platforms.”