Press Releases

So long, farewell...a hwyl fawr am y tro

If you missed Alun's speech at this year's Public Affairs Cymru Summer Reception, here's your chance to read his fond farewell to the world of public affairs

Positif Additions

We are pleased to announce that two new recruits will be joining Positif’s core monitoring from September 2014.

Legislative Identity Crisis

Positif's Naomi Williams comments on the introduction of the Gender-based Violence, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (Wales) Bill

Wales and the family of nations

Beryl Wichard's thoughts on Wales as a multicultural society and the National Assembly's role in addressing religious extremism

We're recruiting

Positif yn recriwtio

The Grouse and the Gander

Positif's Alun Gruffudd explores some of the implications for Wales in a post #IndyRef world.

Positif's Winter 2013 Newsletter

All of the latest goings on in the Winter Wonderland that is Positif.

Open to the Question

Positif digs into issues of transparency facing the Welsh Government and National Assembly for Wales.

Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Children…

Positif examines some of the narrative that has evolved around PISA results since 2009.