Navigating the political structures of a modern Wales is not straight-forward. What is really relevant and how do you find it? You don't have the time, the patience or the inclination to do it - so let us do it for you.

Positif offers an on-going monitoring service of the National Assembly for Wales and Welsh Government. This can be delivered all year round or when the National Assembly is in session. Our services are not just "cut and paste" - our information always comes with intelligence and context to enable you to use the information to best effect.

Subscribers to our monitoring service receive daily updates and alerts and a comprehensive weekly briefing delivered to their inbox, with content that is exclusive and directly tailored to their organisation. Our briefings are supplemented by bespoke bulletins on your headline issues, and their focus and quality is unrivalled.

Our monitoring service also tracks all forms of legislation through the structures of the Assembly, offering interpretation and guidance. It also encompasses relevant public bodies in Wales. And we also offer issue-led monitoring on a Westminster and European level.

Please contact Alun Gruffudd, Director of Information, for more information on our range of political monitoring solutions.